Veronika Šrek Bromová, Story of Chaos

The story of Chaos dates back to 2008, when I started living in Střítež near Polička at Chaos, which was built by my present parter and husband Ivan Šrek. Place in nature, 4ha meadows and woods and an old stone farmhouse, a guest house and tower for nesting stork, fireplace, plants and sheep. The place where our adoptive son Hugo came in his 3 months. Chaos has become synonymous with events in the contemporary world, our life here, parallel to life elsewhere. Human predation over plants and animals, childish innocence. Desire to connect with the original source. Understand deeper connections. Find the center, your own place in the World. A cycle of photos, videos, spatial interventions, and drawings in which the hidden symbols are behind the images are hidden messages. Mirroring and searching for balance. V.Š.B. Václav Špála Gallery, Národní třída, Prague, 2014


exhibition at Václav Špála Gallery, Prague, 2014




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